Moves & Drills

Just a few moves and drills. I’ll be posting more content for you guys over the next few weeks. Take care and God bless.



31 Days of Handles (Days 20-24)

Thanks for following the series everyone and bearing with me through my random post I’ve been making! I will be posting two more post of 31 Days of Handles before it is complete. The final post will be complete with all the videos in more of a highlight reel format. There will be plenty of post to come in the future so stayed tuned!

31 Days of Handles (Days 10 & 11)

Drill Day 10: Med ball slam with behind the back dribble

Drill Day 11: Med ball toss exchange with between the legs dribble

With my schedule being so busy I’ve struggled with posting on my blog daily. With that being said I’ll start posting more content is single postings for my series of 31 Days of Handles. I’m excited for the content that I have for you guys for my next series. It will cover game moves and drills. Stay tuned and thank you for the support!