The Life and Times of a Hooper

The Life and Times of a Hooper

(The Hoopers Sacrifice)

It starts at a young age wanting to be the best basketball player you can be and idolizing the greats that you watched on television growing up. Players like Magic, Penny, Jordan, Kobe, & Bird.
Going to the gym early before practice and staying after to improve your game in order to reach your greatest potential is the bare minimum of the hoopers sacrifice . Those of us who make it on to play college basketball are blessed beyond measure. Not every hard working and dedicated athlete always gets the opportunity to play college ball so remain humble and work hard. Moving along, being a college athlete is a huge commitment and sacrifice. You can’t always go out partying with our friends and live a normal college life. You have to give a lot of time to the game of basketball if you want to be better than the average player.

A Typical Schedule for an college basketball player:

6:00-6:45 a.m – Individual workouts

8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. – Class

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m Weights

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Film session

3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Practice

Also, don’t forget to get your study hall hours for the week.

Not only do you have busy schedule with basketball, but you also have to make the grades in order to play. This means after your busy schedule you have to complete all of your assignments, study for test, write papers, etc. Once the actual season starts you are faced with another challenge of missing school because of road games. It’s up to you to communicate with your professors in order to get your assignments to have your work completed by the next class session. Being a student athlete is a full-time job that can certainly benefit you if you stay focused and put in the work. There is always somebody working just as hard as you ready to take your spot so stay focused and grind!

After college the chances of playing basketball on a professional level is even slimmer. At this point your know what it means to work hard and what it takes to remain on a roster. For lots of players the next destination is overseas if you don’t make it to the NBA. I was one of those players who lived the overseas life of basketball. I retired early to pursue other endeavors, but that’s another story. Moving along, you have to be mentally strong and really be on top of your game to play basketball professionally overseas. Living in a foreign country by yourself can be mentally and physically tough. I’ve heard this from a few overseas hoopers that I’ve conversed with. I’ve also slightly experienced this myself in my first season in Europe, Finland. I read an article in which Josh Childress was interviewed and he spoke about how he had 8 hour bus rides for games, small hotels, and he basically had to do his own treatment and recovery. If that has happened to him being in one of the top leagues in Europe I know guys on lower level teams have experienced the same issues. I was fortunate to not have to deal with those issues while playing in Australia. Regardless of one’s situation, there is always somebody in good physical shape waiting to get a call to go play ball overseas. That is why I have always remained grateful and worked hard during my tenure as a basketball player.

The life and times of a hooper is unique to each individual baller, but there are always many common factors. Although I didn’t touch on each and every aspect of a hooper, I’m hooping this blog sheds some light on the lifestyle of basketballers.

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Working Out To Cope With Stress

There are so many things that go on in life that can cause us stress. Things such as finances,relationships,marriage,school,work,etc. Working out in my opinion is a key ingredient to living a less stressful life. Sometimes going to the gym is the only place in life that we can have peace of mind and to be alone. It also allows you to releve stress on a day to day basis while improving your overall health. Being physically active is very important and is something that should be maintained through out our life. If you are physically active and keeping up with your health it can potentially take care of some of life’s stressful times. I mean, you have to be in good health in order to work and take care of finances right ? In addition, all stressors aren’t totally bad. Some people have a very happy and satisfying lives. They are are just very busy and don’t have any free time to themselves. Having that 1 hour to workout is the only free time that some people have in a day. If you are choosing that time to workout I commend you. That means that you take your health seriously and long jevity is important to you. Working out is also therapeutic. Some people like being physically active for the enjoyment of it. If you can get to that point it will make working out a whole lot easier. I personally try to workout as often as possible. It  does my body good mentally and physically. Moving along, there is also ways for you to be physically active if the gym just isn’t your thing. You can join an athlete team. For example, I enjoy playing men’s league basketball for adults. There is also all sorts of different types of dance classes that you can be a part of if traditional exercise doesn’t suite you. Lastly, if you are looking for a way to become healthier and releve stress, exercises would be a perfect tool to utilize. 

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You Have To Want It More

Being the best or reaching your maximum potential comes from within. You have to want it more than your coach or personal trainer.

Coaching my high school basketball team I was talking to my players who I felt were not giving 100% this past Tuesday night. We were playing against the opposing team and our body language was horrible. It also showed in our performance and lack of focus. I told them, you have to want this more than me. If you don’t really want to do something special or be the best you can be let me know now. After speaking to my kids they began to play a lot harder and we ended the game on a good note. Which carried over to us getting a crucial win on Friday night which put us in a tie for 2nd place. The kids seemed motivated & I was happy from them. Some times we have bad days or performances, but it’s important that on those bad days we remain focused & still give our best effort.

The same thing goes for working out. There will be good days and days you don’t feel like working out. On bad days you have to find a way to push through so you can reach your ultimate fitness goal. Whether your goal is losing weight to fit into a wedding dress, being fit for the summer, or wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. I myself have been through this & I know what it’s like to struggle with workouts. I also know what it feels like to achieve my fitness goal and that heavily out weights other likely outcome.

A friend of mine that I have been training on and off for three years has struggled with this battle. Although the road has been tuff, he has kept on fighting. We are now training again 2 days a week together and he has shown great improvement in all aspects. We do total body each time we workout and I advise him to workout at least one day a week on his own. Being that he has had back surgery in the past, him being active really helps him stay youthful. His Dr has also notice improvement in his flexibility since we have started training. The road for Troy hasn’t always been easy, but his goal to stay active & healthy has been going well.

You too can reach your fitness goal. Just stay focus and give your best effort.

**The images in this blog are of Troy. This was me training him at a local park**



Work Out vs Recovery

Work Out vs Recovery


          To be good at your craft you have to put a lot of work in. It’s a huge commitment and takes a lot of dedication. The wear and tear on your body from working out over time can cause you injuries if not treated properly. That proper treatment as we know it is called recovery. Workout and recovery are two important components of athletes that keep us at our best.

            To be able to compete with the best athletes you have to be a competitor. That means putting the work in when you don’t feel like it and others are sleeping. Moving along, every athlete is different and some have more talent than others. That shouldn’t hinder you from working hard in each of your sessions. I feel as a sportsperson you should work out a minimum of 4 days a week. I feel 5 to 6 days is standard. You should always give yourself at least a day or two to rest so you can recovery. For example, Kobe lifts weights four days a week. On Monday and Thursday he does upper body. Then on Tuesday and Friday he does lower body. Four days a week of weight lifting is good. This is my recommendation for players of any sport. Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday can be good days to do your recovery and small cardio strength training. Things such as push up’s, abs, etc. Moving forward, aside from Kobe’s weight training he plays basketball 5 days a week. On 3 of the days he does only individual workouts. Things such as ball handling spot up shooting, cone drills, etc. On the other 2 days he plays pick-up basketball. Even though he plays games on these days he will still come to the gym early or stay after to get some extra shots up. After each day of basketball and training he will stretch as a cool down. This would be a good regiment for players in their sport. This allows you time to get better, play in games, and rest the body. Although this is hard work, it is all worth it in the long run.

            A part of every competitor’s life that should not be ignored is recovery. This is the thing that will give you longevity and help you to perform to the best of your abilities. After a long week of working out everyone should do proper recovery. Things such as icing, heat, cold tub, massage, stretching, etc. I know the cold tub is something that is commonly used with basketball and football players. When I was in Australia playing basketball I would ice bath at least 2 days a week. I would do Wednesday and the night before game day. I always felt that this made my legs feel fresher allowing me to perform at my peak. Although I did the ice bath I still did other recovery methods. I would always make sure to get a proper warm up and stretch before practice. I would also do a cool down and stretch after practice which is probably more important that the stretch before. Another one I like to do is a bag of ice. You can ice the body 20 minutes on and off for as long as you’d like. Sometimes it is good to do hot cold on sore and aching body parts. That method I have found to be very helpful to me during my recovery periods. To wrap it up, always remember to recover after a long week of working out!


Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more workouts and article posting.


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Finding Your Motivation to Workout

Finding Your Motivation to Workout

            Finding your motivation to workout can come from anything. Whether it’s a lady wanting to look good for a wedding dress or to simply look good for an upcoming cruise. There are no boundaries when it comes to finding your motivation to workout. Whatever your motivation might be take it and go hard!

            The biggest issue or excuse that people have with working out is time management. A lot of people have 9 to 5 jobs and a family. For example, a mom has to work from 9 to 5 then be home on time for her kids when they get off the school bus. After that she has to cook, feed the kids, and get them ready for bed. By then it could possibly be 8:00 p.m. leaving her with little or no time to workout. If this is your situation I would like to give you some helpful tips. First of all I would try to focus on only working out 2 to 3 days a week starting off. Setting a high number of days to workout out may not be attainable in the beginning. Also, every workout does not have to be an hour long. 30 minutes is more than enough time if you go into the gym with the mind set of working hard. That means not watching tv, talking on the cell phone, and talking with gym members. Remember this is your only time of the day to workout and this time is important for you to achieve your goals and live a healthier life. I’ve noticed when I go to the gym a lot of people workout on their lunch break for 30 minutes. This gives you 30 minutes to workout and 30 minutes to shower and get ready for work. Another option is to find a close friend or family member to watch your child once a week. This will allow you to complete your second workout of the week. A third workout can be taking your children to the park on a Saturday and playing with them. I hope these tips help you on your road to a healthier lifestyle.

            Moving along, to my people who say they don’t workout because they don’t have the energy and their body feels broken down. The reason your body feels broken down and low on energy is probably because you are not working out. Often I hear people speak of how they have more energy since they’ve started working out. If your body is custom to not being active, then it’s a good chance you well feel totally out of shape when participating in physical activity. Working out may be hard in the being, but once you get in shape the workouts will become enjoyable.

            I hope you enjoyed reading my shorten blog. No matter what your situation is don’t think you aren’t capable of being a fit being. Mind over matter!


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Physical Appearance vs. Physical Shape

Physical Appearance vs. Physical Shape

                In my opinion this is the most interesting blog I’ve written thus far. I’m here to discuss the difference between physical appearance and physical shape.  I think at times people get the two confused and I’m here to clear it up! When you see a person with a great looking body it’s obvious that this person’s physical appearance is eye catching. The thing you can not determine from a person’s physical appearance is their physical shape.  You may have a person who is built like a body builder but can’t run 1 mile without taking a break. On the other hand you may have a person, who doesn’t have a spectacular body, but you step on the basketball court and he’ll give you 40 points any way you want it. I’m not saying one is better than the other because I think they are equally important and would love to see us all obtain both.

                One thing is for certain, a proper lifestyle and nutrition is going to be the most important ingredient when trying to achieve physical appearance or physical shape.  I’m not going to go into detail of what you should be eating, but we all know the 99 cent menu isn’t the healthy choice. A lot of people workout very hard and complain about how they aren’t seeing results.  The first thing you should take a look at if you are having these concerns is your diet. If you’re making the appropriate change in that department I’m sure you’ll see the results you’re looking for. On your path to achieving physical appearance and physical shape I wish you the best of luck.

 Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog and your support is greatly appreciated!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvzhbhV1QCc&feature=fvst <~~May not be built like most guys you see at your local gym, but he is in great physical shape. 

Improving Your Game.

Improving Your Game


Hard work is definitely a key ingredient to success. Working smart is equally important. Athletes can go into a gym and train for hours, but it is important to do it the right way. What’s getting up 500 jumps shots if you are using improper technique ? The same laws apply to weight lifting. Too often people lift weights in the gym with improper form and injure themselves. It’s better to ask a personal trainer or a well educated person about the usage of proper weight lifting form. In addition to using proper form not only will you be less prone to injury but you will maximize your full potential in training. Each time you step in your training facility you want to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

 Moving along, in the last blog I wrote I spoke about the TRX, resistance run, etc. To give you a visual of what these things look like I posted a YouTube link of my training sessions from this past week. At this time I would like to thank you from reading my blog and God Bless. 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wApuxLD_e7c&feature=youtu.be   <~~~ YouTube Clip!