The Real World (Struggles of Working Out)

Finding the time to workout when you are living in the real world can be a real struggle. The most common reason for why people don’t workout is “I don’t have time.” The funny thing is that it’s true. You don’t have time, but during the course of the week you have to find time.
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine last week while working at the gym and we conversed about the struggles of being able to workout with our demanding schedules. We both work full-time, coach sports, school at night, and are married with kids. Although we are busy he said that we must not let our schedule dictate whether or not we will live a fitness lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more. On average I leave my house at 6:00 am and I make it back home at 9:00pm. So with me being busy all day, how do I find the time to workout ?
The two days a week that I workout every week no matter what is Saturday and Sunday. That will guarantee you will get a minimum of 2 days a week working out. At least one day a week I workout during my lunch break. My forth day will be me doing an in homework. That alone will give you 4 days a week of working out. These workouts should range from about 20 to 60 mins long.
As long as you workout hard and don’t take long breaks you having short workouts isn’t a bad thing. Some people like to associate a short work as bad or a waste of time and that is not true. Don’t ever mistake activity for achievement.

I will post a workout this week that your can follow for those of you who struggle to find time to workout on a weekly basis.



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