Lifting Heavy Weight, Good or Bad ?

Lifting Heavy Weight, Good to Bad ?

How do you feel about heavy weight lifting ? Is it good or bad ?

If you are looking to get jacked up, heavy weight lifting is for you. When I was in college the football players were always the biggest guys on campus. They were also lifting heavy weights. Most of the time when you are lifting heavier weight you are doing more sets and less reps. This form of lifting can be beneficial for the individual who wants to bulk up. Another thing that can come along with lifting heavy is injury. The most common injuries I’ve heard people speak of were the elbow and shoulder. If you encounter these injuries rest you body and see a doctor. Please take caution if you want to begin lifting heavy weights. It’s bests to have a spotter or friend lift with you. Having a spotter or friend can help prevent serious injury or accident.

Lifting lighter weights also has it benefits. If you are looking to become more toned and cut then lighter weights is for you. Not saying you don’t need to challenge yourself and work hard, but you don’t need to lift like a body builder. Basketball player’s would be the type of athletes to use this form of weight lifting. This keeps them strong and helps prevent injury. It can also help increase your muscle endurance allowing you to perform longer than others. Just like heavy weight lifting, you can also hurt yourself lifting light weights. I still recommend having a spotter or a friend to workout with.

The debate can go on forever over whether or not you should lift heavy or light. The truth is you should do which ever one best suites you. Whatever you do work hard and smart!

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