Train Like an Athlete

Train Like an Athlete

            Today workouts are heading in a whole new direction. There are a wide variety of workouts you can do in order to train like an athlete. Things such as the TRX, Vertimax, Sled Pulling, and Kettlebells. The four workouts I have named above are some of the best out there and you are sure to see great results if you push yourself.

                Speaking from a basketball point of view I feel that a lot of players are ignorant to the fact of how to train the right way. Too many times I have seen basketball players training like body builders and the two do not go hand in hand. I am one of those athletes who used to train like I was on the weight lifting team and I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I’m not saying flat bench, squats, and things of that nature aren’t important because they are a vital part in fitness workouts. I just feel there are a plethora of workouts you can do in order to take your game to the next level. Also, doing the same routine time and time again can cause you to plateau. You will not lose anything, but at the same time you will not gain either. It is important to switch up your workouts in order to shock your muscles. I have my days where I lift heavy and work on my explosiveness. I also have days where I will do more body weight training with things such as resistance bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, etc. It’s important to find a common ground for the two and constantly keep the body guessing. By doing this and shocking your muscles you will see results. It should never get to a point where your body never gets sore anymore from weight training. If that is happening to you then chances are you aren’t training hard or you aren’t switching up your routine enough. If you want to know more about how to train like an athlete it would be a good idea to browse the web. Search TRX, Vertimax, Resistance band, Plyometrics, and things of that nature to get a visual of what I’m talking about.

                Athletes! Don’t let your sport be your only form of cardio conditioning. For example, I would like to see more basketball players expand their horizons in their off season instead of just “hooping.” Now for some people they are just natural athletes and that is all that they need. Last time I checked a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant doesn’t come around that often. In addition, even if you are that caliber of player imagine how much better you could be with the right training. Doing cone drills will help a lot. That quick change of direction is something that happens often on the football field and basketball court. There are a number of different cone drills you can do. Try searching cone drills online to see the wide variety of drills. Another good drill would be the ladder. This really gets your foot speed where it needs to be. I used to do these at McNeese with the football team during the summer and I saw the difference when I stepped on the court. There wasn’t a time I couldn’t get to the basket off the bounce. Moving along, running sprints and stadiums are equally important. When I was in Detroit in June of 2009 my agent made me run sprints, stadiums, and hills. My legs would be so sore at the end of the week, but I knew it was making me a better player. When I returned back to Lake Charles in July I remember my teammates telling how I made dunking seem so easy. It felt good to know that all of the hard work had paid off.  I’m certain that if anyone did those workouts they would see results.

Yesterday I did a workout on the Vertimax machine at the Parisi Speed School. I have a short YouTube recording I’d like to take a look at to get the visual. Once again thank you for reading my blog and have a blessed life.                   ß John Pichon Vertimax Workout.




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